Could you at any point Wed Your Life partner Without a K1 Visa?

One of the most regularly posed inquiries on K1 visa is whether you can wed your fiancé (e) without a K1 visa. Could your fiancé (e) travel to the US on different visas and get hitched while hanging tight for a K1 visa? Or on the other hand can your fiancé (e) absolutely get hitched to you without applying for a K1 visa? Relating to the last inquiry in the event that you are as of now hitched with an outsider, you should apply for a K3 visa – the companion visa. Else, the response to every one of the above questions is NO. Applying for K1 visa is a long and exhausting cycle and subsequently, a few couples might attempt to hurry this interaction through different techniques. The fiancé (e) enters the US as a guest, excursion for work or even as understudies. The couples get hitched and the fiancé (e) apply to turn into an extremely durable inhabitant. The green card is given and they live cheerfully ever after…that is until the specialists expel the outsider back home.

You need to comprehend that US visas are quite certain in nature. There are agreements to its purposes. For work excursion, the outsider needs to apply for B1 visa. For concentrating on in the US, the outsider applies for F1 visa. For getting hitched in the US, the outsider applies for K1 visa – otherwise called the marriage visa. There is an entire rundown of visa types from start to finish – each with its own exceptional reason. To utilize the visa past its specified design is considered committing misrepresentation against the U.S government. Whenever the specialists or state division find this misrepresentation, they would not hold back to make a move against the wrongdoer.


Actually, there is not anything keeping you from doing as such. You and your fiancé (e) can get hitched in the US while he/she is on friendly visit. Your fiancé (e) get even get an extremely durable inhabitant status. Nonetheless, whenever this misrepresentation is found, your fiancé (e) will be extradited back home and may try and be banned from entering the US. In light of such serious punishments, you should act inside as far as possible. Applying for K1 Dich vu visa is a long and exhausting interaction as you and your fiancé (e) will be isolated for something like 6-8 months while hanging tight for the K1 visa to be given. Be that as it may, you risk burning through additional time, cash and exertion assuming you attempt to seek after other unlawful strategies to rush the interaction.

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