Powerful Tools for Culinary Prowess: Exploring Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchen appliances streamline preparation, cooking and other tasks in low- and high-volume operations. This includes equipment such as ovens, ranges, prep tables and food processors.

You’ll also need refrigeration for storage of ingredients, such as walk-in freezers or stand-alone refrigerators. Whether you’re looking for cooking equipment or foodservice appliances, Hospitality Superstore has everything you need.

Countertop Pasta Cooker

Streamline your food prep and keep your pasta hot for serving with a stainless steel countertop pasta cooker. These freestanding units use gas or electric heat to boil all types of pasta noodles quickly and effectively.

The reversible thermostatic controls make adjusting the temperature simple, and indicator lights alert you to water levels. The tubular heating elements are also easy to clean. A heavy duty nesting bar and high limit thermal controls make it safe to hang baskets, and the control box is easily removable for cleaning.

A built-in drain and rinse station help you save space and time, while a convenient starch skimming tray lets you keep the vat fresh. Many of the units also feature a basket lift that pulls each basket out and down automatically after a set cook time, allowing your staff to focus on other duties.

We offer both floor and counter models, with a variety of capacities to suit your kitchen’s needs. For maximum convenience, consider a model with a down draft system that pulls grease, fumes and odors away from your food prep area, eliminating the need for a ventilation hood. These are essential features for Italian or Asian restaurants that frequently serve noodle dishes. The streamlined unit is sure to help you turn over orders faster than ever.

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Countertop Wok

Stainless steel countertop woks offer a variety of benefits over stove-top models. For example, they can help prevent burns and keep food hotter longer for better flavor and consistency. They also have durable surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. Some even feature a nonstick coating to make cleaning up easier.

Induction countertop wok burners offer a great way to heat up food quickly and easily. They also provide precise temperature control so you can create your own stir fry recipes and show customers how to cook a perfect dish. Some models include a low profile design that allows you to fit them into a small space on your counter.

Unlike gas stoves that require a wok ring to support the round bottom of a wok, these countertop units feature an integrated burner that accommodates most induction-ready woks. They work well for front of the house cooking demonstrations, suite service, and catering services because they’re compact enough to move around easily. They’re also easy to use thanks to the controls that sit right on the unit’s surface and have an automatic pan detection system that shuts off when no pan is atop the burner. This makes them safe for use by employees and guests alike. These units are a great choice for restaurants looking to expand their menus with Asian cuisine.

Countertop Cheese Grater

From toasted cheese sandwiches to Welsh rarebit, a dash of grated dairy is a staple of many foodservice items. But shredding cheese can be like sawing a plank of wood with an old, dull blade, making it a pain in the butt to accomplish (and a lot messier). That’s where a quality countertop cheese grater comes in handy.

This one from Zyliss is a top-rated restaurant model that makes the task of shredding hard cheeses and chocolates nearly effortless. It also features removable parts that are dishwasher safe to make cleanup easy.

The rotary stainless steel thung da inox blades of this model are perfect for grating both soft and hard cheeses, nuts, and other foods. The grater can even be used to zest lemons and oranges.

To make sure this model works well on your countertop, ensure it has a flat spot for stability and that the suction base or clamp will hold onto the surface securely. It’s also important to keep in mind that the stainless steel grater may produce some heat, so it’s best to place it on a heat-resistant counter where you can easily wipe up any residue. It can be helpful to wet the base or clamp for a tighter fit as well. This will prevent the grater from slipping during operation.

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