On the eve of the holidays, it becomes relevant to choose a gift for a friend, relative or loved one. But it should match all the parameters:

  • original
  • useful,
  • not too expensive
  • caused joy,
  • its use was a pleasure.

A beautiful personalised gifts singapore meets these criteria . This is an ideal option for both a respected man and a sophisticated girl. However, there are many myths associated with this accessory that you should be aware of in advance. Otherwise, the gift will not please, but will offend the person and bring him misfortune.

How to give a wallet: general rules for gifting

Both women’s and men’s wallets should be given only to close people who understand our intentions well.By giving a wallet with a symbolic amount, you wish the person to have a lot of money. That is, you express your intention that our gift will attract large sums.

Therefore, it is not good to give your wallet or even buy a new one to someone with whom you do not have a close relationship. In extreme cases, you can make such a present to a colleague with whom you communicate only at work.

It is even possible to give a woman wallets, as long as they are made from the highest quality materials – genuine leather. Then the gift will please the owner for many years.

Standard colors are universal – black, brown or dark blue. They suit everyone. If the recipient has a rather unusual taste, you can choose a colored wallet – green, orange or pink. It is also important to remember about the good quality of workmanship and fittings.

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